silver, gold, palladium and platinum fine jewellery

Browse to any of the product pages under the "Shop" link in the main navigation bar. Click on the thumbnails to view the item's unique product code. Complete the order form below and enter the unique code on the photo into the "Product Code Field" below and submit the form.

We will forward you and send you an invoice with our EFT Banking details. All Payments are done through online banking. Once the payment is completed and proof has been sent to confirm the manufacturing will begin. Pieces will be completed within 5 working days. Therefore you can pick up or courier. All courier cost will be additional and price will be disclosed in quote accordingly.

We give a 6 month manufactures warranty on all our pieces which will cover any manufacturing defects within 6 months. We do not accept any good as lost or stolen. You can refund or return you piece at any time within the first week upon receiving. If you wish to exchange you are welcome to choose another piece in return. If courier costs have been involved you are responsible to pay the return cost for the piece returned or refunded.

"​Jewellery is like a biography, a story that tells the many chapters of our life."