silver, gold, palladium and platinum fine jewellery

Madeline's Temptations is a company that strives to give you the best in Jewellery Designing and Manufacturing. Our Jewellery is contemporary, unique, sentimental, fun, creative and exquisite. We Specialise in: CAD Designs, Hand Manufacturing, Repairs of any kind, Pearl stringing, Personalized Jewellery, Precious Metal Clay, Medical Plates and Stone Setting to name a few! Madeline's Temptations desires to be the best in what we do for any occasion, whether it is a birthday gift or an Engagement ring. Our mission is to create unique designs for both men and woman, bringing out creativity, personality and excitement in each piece of jewellery made.

"Jewellery is quintessential the making of ideas , giving substance to style, bringing together dualities of science and poetry, melding a rich history and long traditions with contemporary creativity and cutting-edge craftsmanship."